Freida Nipples

Burlesque Performer, Promoter & Powerhouse


Freida recently launched workshops which may be booked for groups or on an individual basis. 

Photography by Becky Ryan Photography 2017

Photography by Becky Ryan Photography 2017


Social Media & Marketing

Come and learn the art, yes art, of social media with Freida Nipples! 

Get tips on how to market yourself successfully as either a performer or producer in the burlesque world and get the low down on how Freida has used social media as a tool to spread her panel skirt chiffon across our sparkly corner of the world, and further, in such a short period of time. 

It is indisputable that nothing aids the development and progression of performers more than working on their skill set and performance style; however Freida certainly knows that networking and marketing are key to bagging those bookings and sharing your passion and prowess with the world! As well as teaching you tricks for gaining your dream gigs, Freida will also cover how to turn likes and followers into loyal show attendees who are the future supporters of our scene! 

Focusing on Facebook & Instagram with mentions of other networks Freida will show you the ropes. 

And with professional social media clients outside of the burlesque world and direct personal assistance experience with celebrity influencers with over 1 million followers online Freida certainly knows a thing or two about this often scary but definitely exciting new world. 

Pin Up Posture

Learn how to pose and stand like the perfect pin up. Inspired by vintage polaroids and sexy snaps, Freida will teach you how to hold yourself with grace and confidence just like the sex bombs of decades gone by. Whether it be for photos, stage or fun you are assured to acquire a large dose of sass and ass in this class.


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